Some Superstitions are True

There are some superstitions which came from facts with rational reasons. Superstitions are usually told by word of mouth, such as from parents, grandparents or friends to you, some have been totally changed their original meanings by the time you hear them. Continue reading


Thesis statement

I have good and bad memories of old friendships. An interesting thing about my friendship is unpredictability. Because I think that I became best friends with some of my friends without thinking attentively whereas I could not be close with other friends who I really wanted to be close to. Continue reading

Holding dishes is polite in Japan

Holding dishes is polite in Japan. When eating, the Japanese usually hold their rice bowl, their soup bowl or any other small bowl that can be carried in one hand. Because the Japanese used to sit on a tatami, which is a mat made of straw, and use a low table, lifting a dish to eat became a Japanese custom. Bringing your mouth close to the table was considered rude since it made people think you were behaving like a dog. Continue reading

My beautiful home town

Saga, which is a typical rural region in the Southwest of Japan, has a number of beautiful Japanese rice fields. In summer, from June to July, wonderful fresh green rice fields are seen around Saga if you drive through. In contrast, in autumn, from August to October, those rice fields turn to brilliant golden yellow ones. Both are worth seeing. Continue reading

How to make Omurice

Name of dish

Omurice – Japanese Omelette Rice
When rice cookers didn’t have a function which keeps rice warm, the Japanese used to make Omerice because it tastes better than just eating leftover rice. I think the British usually don’t have rice cookers, so if they have leftover rice, for example when cooking curry, I want them to make it! Continue reading