Watching a TED Talk


Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams


  1. Believe in overnight success
  2. Believe someone else has the answers for you
  3. Decide to settle when growth is guaranteed
  4. Believe the fault is someone else’s
  5. Believe that the only things that matter are the dreams themselves

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Writing about ‘Friendship’

Definition of ‘Friends’ is different to 20 years ago.

How many friends do you have? When and where did you see them last? I think you saw them on Facebook a few minutes ago. Nowadays you may be getting your friends’ information more on the internet than in actual conversations. Continue reading

To-Infinitive or Gerand


to do

  • necessary actions
  • before the action

ex: I must remember to post this letter today. It’s important.


  • memories of the past
  • before the remembering

ex: I can remember posting the letter. I posted it on Friday morning.


to do

  • necessary actions
  • before the action

ex: The clothes are still dirty because I forgot to switch on the machine.


  • memories of the past
  • before the forgetting

ex: I’ll never forget flying over the Grand Canyon. It was wonderful.


to do

  • something you are doing ( bad news)

ex: We regret to inform you that we are not taking on any new staff at present.


  • something that happened in the past

ex: I regret spending all that money. I’ve got none left.


to do

  • to attempt something

ex: I’m trying to run this computer program.


  • to do something which might solve a problem

ex: I tried clicking on the boy, but it doesn’t work.


to do

  • to stop so that you can do it

ex: An old man walking along the road stopped to talk to us.


  • to end an action

ex: There’s too much noise. Can you all stop talking, please?


to do

  • to intend to do it

ex: I think Nick meant to break that glass. It didn’t look like an accident.


  • expresses the idea of one thing resulting in another

ex: I’m applying for the visa. It means filling in this form.

Go on

to do

  • to do something else/the next thing

ex: The teacher introduced herself and went on to explain about the course.


  • to continue doing it

ex: The teacher told everyone to be quiet, but they just went on talking.


to do

  • must/have to

ex: I need clean my shoes.


  • passive

ex: My shoes need cleaning.

Verbs which change meanings, depending on following verb forms.

A letter sent before my travel

H​i Martha, how are you?
I’m writing this letter to tell you about my next travel. It would be a long time because I’m going to go to space! This was my dream since I was a high school student but finally it’s coming true. I can’t believe it!!
By the way, I’ll tell you about this plan. While traveling around space, I’m going to visit the planets in the solar system at first. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and also the Sun! I can’t wait! Moreover, I’m going to visit another galaxy after that.
So as soon as I return to Earth, I’ll tell you all about my time in space. I’m so excited as I didn’t expect I’m able to travel around space before dying.
See you soon!

This is a letter to send my teacher before traveling.

A story about sleep

This is the story of Isabella, a lovely woman who couldn’t sleep at night because her husband always snoozed.
That night she wasn’t able to sleep at all before her alarm clock rang and she had to go work.
While working she fell asleep but she had anightmare so she went to a pharmacy to buy some sleeping pills.
After taking the sleeping pill, she went to bed and finally she was able to have a good sleep and dream. She is happy now.

I imagined this story from some pictures.

Create my dream

That night I had read a kind of fantasy book before sleeping. While sleeping I had a really lovely dream. The dream began going on a picnic with a lot of my animal friends. I was a 5 year old at that time and there were a rabbit, a bird, a monkey, an elephant, a bear, a giraffe and so on. We were walking in line toward a hill. After arriving the hill we enjoyed eating lunch then I woke up.

My Psychoanalyst said:
Perhaps you are tired so that you want to go away and back to my childhood.

This is one of my real dream when I was child.

Create a dream about my friend

While I am dreaming, Yuki, a friend of mine, went to Hawaii and had a wedding. At the ceremony she was wearing a beautiful red dress, which suited her very well. Also her favorite cat “Hime” dressed up and attended it. Fortunately, after getting her bouquet, I got up.

I made a dream story about my friend.

The skies

The airplane is drawing on the blue canvas
So tomorrow will be rainy

The clouds seem busy today
So tomorrow will be windy

The beautiful sunset is eaten by the Earth
So tomorrow will be sunny

What will the weather be tomorrow?

This is a personification poem.
I regarded skies as a human.