Up and Down[Vocabulary]

1. dip = fall slightly and then quickly recover

Go down and back up


2. plummet = plunge

Go down  very fast


3. fall and  level off = drop followed by a period of stability

Down then straight


4. soar = rocket

Go up very fast


5. hit a peak = reach a high

to go to the highest point


6. fluctuate = be erratic

Go up and down a lot


7. hit a low = reach one’s lowest point

To go to the lowest point


8. rise gradually = increase slowly but surely

Go up slowly


9. remain flat/stable = stabilize

Doesn’t change


10. fall gradually = decrease steadily

Go down slowly

Verb to Noun

ex: Book purchases increased gradually over the year.

-> There was a gradual rise in purchases over the year.


This is words to describe graphs.


The skies

The airplane is drawing on the blue canvas
So tomorrow will be rainy

The clouds seem busy today
So tomorrow will be windy

The beautiful sunset is eaten by the Earth
So tomorrow will be sunny

What will the weather be tomorrow?

This is a personification poem.
I regarded skies as a human.