Some Superstitions are True

There are some superstitions which came from facts with rational reasons. Superstitions are usually told by word of mouth, such as from parents, grandparents or friends to you, some have been totally changed their original meanings by the time you hear them.

Scientific studies have proved that some superstitions are based on the truth. For example, “asthma sufferers having more asthmatic attacks on a full moon night” is credible because an Indian research discovered that it would have something to do with the moon wax and wane.

On the other hand, there are also superstitions without foundation, or rather there are superstitions which became the complete converse ideas. For instance, it had been said that lying down right after eating made you a cow in Japan, but as a matter of fact, it helps your stomach digest food.

In conclusion, some teachings became superstitions with the passage of time. Furthermore, those reasons of the origin had been occasionally forgotten. Therefore, you should not swallow those whole stories without any suspicion.

Statement about superstitions.


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