Thesis statement

I have good and bad memories of old friendships. An interesting thing about my friendship is unpredictability. Because I think that I became best friends with some of my friends without thinking attentively whereas I could not be close with other friends who I really wanted to be close to.

I always chat with my best friends as if we talked the day before even when we had not talked for a year. But most of them were not my best friends at first. For example, Yuri, who I have been friends with since we were 4 years old, and we would backbite each other when we were schoolchildren. However, we meet every time I go back to Japan nowadays.

In contrast, I hesitate to get in touch with some of my friends who I used to chat with frequently. Because mostly our topics of discussion were about our mutual hobbies at that time; I do not know how to start and expand our conversation now. For instance, I was speaking to Ami, who was my classmate in high school, almost every day when we were teenagers but it has been a year since we talked last time.

In conclusion, I found it from my experience that a great number of efforts to maintain close friendships don’t always lead to a good maintainable friendship; nevertheless, there are unconscious good friendships. Besides, good friends, who make me feel comfortable, are eventually the people who I can talk to whenever and whatever I want.

This is my statement about friendship.


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