My beautiful home town

Saga, which is a typical rural region in the Southwest of Japan, has a number of beautiful Japanese rice fields. In summer, from June to July, wonderful fresh green rice fields are seen around Saga if you drive through. In contrast, in autumn, from August to October, those rice fields turn to brilliant golden yellow ones. Both are worth seeing.

Additionally, there is one of the largest international balloon festivals at the end of October. This is the time when many people come to Saga, not only from all over Japan, but also from all over the world. During the festival, you can see a number of balloons in the sky. Events such as markets, test ride on balloons, light-up balloons and so on are also held at the launch site.

You may know Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka since they are the country’s principal cities and have a lot of entertainment. Compared with those, Saga is a thinly populated city where costs of living are lower, so you will be relaxed and refreshed through your travel in this region. Moreover, as we have various good vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, you can eat more delicious and reasonably priced Japanese food.

I wrote about my hometown, Saga, Japan.


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