Up and Down[Vocabulary]

1. dip = fall slightly and then quickly recover

Go down and back up


2. plummet = plunge

Go down  very fast


3. fall and  level off = drop followed by a period of stability

Down then straight


4. soar = rocket

Go up very fast


5. hit a peak = reach a high

to go to the highest point


6. fluctuate = be erratic

Go up and down a lot


7. hit a low = reach one’s lowest point

To go to the lowest point


8. rise gradually = increase slowly but surely

Go up slowly


9. remain flat/stable = stabilize

Doesn’t change


10. fall gradually = decrease steadily

Go down slowly

Verb to Noun

ex: Book purchases increased gradually over the year.

-> There was a gradual rise in purchases over the year.


This is words to describe graphs.


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