The last supper


Inspired by:


I interviewed Melinda about her last supper and she told me the following.

I choose dinner for the last meal. I would like to have it near a beach in Italy with my family and friends. Because of being near sea, I prefer the summer.

In the place, I would put tables and chairs and decorate with a lot of beautiful flowers: hibiscuses, sunflowers and pansies, for instance.

But on that day after getting up in the morning, I would like to eat some fruits like strawberries, mangoes and melons at first.

Then I would prepare dinner and have Italian food such as some kinds of pizza and pasta. Especially I would like to have a Parma ham pizza and a tomato sauce pasta! And salads as a side dish.

Drinks are important. I would like to drink Mojito, coke, orange juice with the delicious Italian food.

Desserts are also essential for the dinner. I would like to eat chocolate cakes, chocolate fondants, fruit tarts and of course, ice creams!

While having the dinner, I would talk with my family and friends and listen to pop and latin music.

I interviewed my friend about the last supper.


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