Watching a Youtube video


Look Up


At the beginning, I can’t totally agree with this idea because I don’t think we should look up from our phones and shut down those displays. There are 2 reasons to support my idea.

Generally, people tend to disagree with new ideas and sudden changes. For example, the Heliocentrism took a very long time to be accepted. Also, it must be hard to believe if someone says “Life exists on the moon”. I think the Internet is getting more and more important and now it is progressing, in a few decades it will be a part of our real life naturally.

In addition, the Internet makes our communication more active. As you know you can contact people staying far from here easily if you use phones or computers. It helps us keep our relations good, such as among family, friends, business partners, between couples and so on. Furthermore, it also gives us chances of making new relationships. If you use it well, your horizons will broaden.

But I think we need to change how to relate to computers a little. Because information technology has been developing remarkably, we haven’t been able to catch up with the rapid transition. Therefore, most people still don’t have enough knowledge and experience of how to use computers and the Internet. In my opinion to bridge the gap, morality and etiquette about how to behave online should be organized and popularized as a part of education. Anyways, the most important thing is to control it and not to be controlled by it.

Whatching a famous Youtube video and wrote my opinion.


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