Watching a TED Talk


Bel Pesce: 5 ways to kill your dreams


  1. Believe in overnight success
  2. Believe someone else has the answers for you
  3. Decide to settle when growth is guaranteed
  4. Believe the fault is someone else’s
  5. Believe that the only things that matter are the dreams themselves


This talk is brief but important. First of all, point1 don’t “Believe in overnight success” is true because I think my experience and knowledge led to my success. if it finishes overnight, it won’t be made from only the effort. It reminded me of a story about Picasso. He priced his 30-second drawing at $100 as it took him 30 years and 30 seconds to learn how to draw that in 30 seconds.
Second, I also agree with “someone else hasn’t all answers for me.” In the end, we have to make decisions on our own although some people would give us some advice before deciding.
The third way is interesting and I have been doing involuntarily. When starting new things, I work hard and try to beat problems, however, once I get use to doing it, I feel that I want to challenge myself in other ways! That is one of the reasons I’m studying here.
Moreover, the fourth is the idea that I always keep in my mind. In my opinion, I’m responsible for everything I decide. This is related to the second idea.
Finally, the fifth way made me realize the most important thing is to enjoy the process because I sometimes forget it.
I want to remember these things for when I feel discouraged, that’s why I chose this talk.

Watching a TED Talk to summarize and wrote my opinion.


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