Writing about ‘Friendship’

Definition of ‘Friends’ is different to 20 years ago.

How many friends do you have? When and where did you see them last? I think you saw them on Facebook a few minutes ago. Nowadays you may be getting your friends’ information more on the internet than in actual conversations.

Today we are always connecting on the internet and keeping in touch so you can contact your friends whenever you want. We can also talk with a lot of them all over the world at the same time. In addition, to know what a friend of yours is doing you will open a SNS then you will catch what they did or are doing. Thus, you don’t need to ask them directly. It seems that friendships among us have been changing with the spread of the internet.

In contrast, about 20 years ago we generally used to play and chat face to face with friends. I called them ‘friends’ and to know how they were doing, I had to ask them personally. But now I even call my online friends whom I have never seen ‘friends’. The internet, especially the spread of SNS makes it easy to be friends because we don’t need to tell our real addresses or phone numbers, we tell new friends our SNS account easily.

Also because of SNS, our connection is lasting after we separate. Now we are taking as much time to chat with former friends as with present friends. As we get older, we get new friends and we keep in touch with them. Consequently, the time you spend with particular friends will be less and less. Moreover, we can check their activities on SNS, therefore, we actually don’t need to see them!

In short, nowadays making friends is easier but making close friends is harder than 20 years ago. So how many close friends do you have?

This was a Writing Project in my school.


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